We believe the electric guitar should evolve while staying true to its legacy. Our aim is to build amazing electric guitars that give you complete freedom of expression like no other instrument on the market. Playing is Believing.

Solid, Slim Body

At 1.75" body depth and weighing about 9 lbs., the ElectroPhonic guitar feels as familiar as your favorite electric.  Hardwoods throughout.  24.75" scale, 22 frets.

Feel the Power

The patented Tuned Labyrinth Chamber creates a unique connection between the player and the guitar.  With 18 watts of power blasting out from 2 speakers, you FEEL the sound.  No need to play through an external amp.

Killer Amp Tones… Built In

Class D stereo power amplifier.  An all analog preamp section includes Deluxe, UK, and Hi-Gain amplifier selections.  Stereo delay and modulation effects included.  Humbucker bridge and neck pickups.  High current power supply delivers incredible sonic punch.

Controls at Your Fingertips

Turn it on. Intuitive controls get you in your zone quickly.  Amazing expressive range is at your command.  Controls include hi and low tone shaping, overdrive, modulation and delay effects, and clean bypass.

Long Battery Life

High current rechargeable Lithium-Ion power supply.  Play anywhere with no limits.  Your Model One includes batteries and a charger.

Plug In Capability

When you need it, input and output jacks are available, including an ⅛" headphone jack, a ¼" line out/pickup output, an aux/smart phone input/output (TRRS), and a DC wall wart jack.


The Model One is the first of its kind. Real amp tone — anytime, anywhere, using patented acoustic technology and proprietary electronics.


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