Frequently Asked Questions

Are you including a battery charger with each guitar? Yes. Everything you need to get out there and start playing is included.

Do you ship internationally? We ship to over 50 countries now.

Can I plug the Model One guitar into an amp if I want to? Yes. With or without on board preamp and effects.

Are you making a left-handed Model One? We will in the future.

What pickups are you using? All of our guitars come with custom wound humbucker pickups.

How do I get my Model One EP with a tremolo system? After our campaign is over, we will contact everyone who has bought a guitar and offer them a tremolo system.  It will be at additional cost.

Do your guitars come with a warranty? Yes. One year warranty for all parts and labor. Normal wear or accidents are not covered.

Where is ElectroPhonic Innovations located? Our shop is in Inglewood, California.

Do you make all of the parts for your guitars? We do the majority of the work ourselves. We partner with companies and individuals who excel in their respective niches. All assembly is done in Inglewood at our shop.

Is there anywhere I can go to try out a Model One before I buy it? Not at this time. We are working on several options for the future.