The guitar is magnificent. Everything from the finish to the fretwork to the set up is first rate. It has excellent playability. The controls are well thought out and well located. The neck has a great feel and is neither too wide nor too narrow. The tuners feel solid and it tunes up easily.  Given all the equipment that is jammed into it, I would have expected it to be heavier but remarkably, the weight is comparable to many of my solid body guitars.”

Jeff A.

Collector and Player

“I’ve been recording electric guitars for years and I know what great guitars sound like. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the final production Model One EP.”

Greg Wurth

Grammy Nominated Engineer with Steve Vai


“I was skeptical, then I played it.  Truly amazing.”

AC Alexander

Lizzy Borden, Scotty Alexander Band


“These guys are on to something special. That’s why I joined them to head up the electronics design. It feels like the early days at Kurzweil.”

Tim Thompson, Former Chief Design Engineer, Kurzweil Music.  Currently EP Head Electronics Designer.


I’m having so much fun playing the EP guitars.  Watching them take each new guitar and make the next one even better, has been great to watch.  I hope that everyone sees the great promise and sound that these guys are creating.

John Woodhead

Pro Guitar Player- has played with with Leon Russel, Maria Muldaur, Ace, John Stewart and Sophie B. Hawkins


“I’ve been spending a lot of time with the EP guys watching them evolve their guitars, and playing their various prototypes.  The ElectroPhonic Guitar is a blast to play!”

Chad Quist

LA Session and touring guitar player


“It’s the guitar I’ve dreamed of since I was in my teens.   Did you read my f___ing mind?”

Loni Specter

Founder, LA Guitar Show